Metropolis Arts Public Project Space

In 2010 I began publicly exhibiting sculptures in the community gardens of Brooklyn, NY. The sculptures are mostly comprised of welded steel and often include found objects. I purposely identify material that will show well in all seasons and continue to represent the community as the work ages over time. In future works, sculptures will incorporate the existing environment by adding plant life, moss, and other living media.

My Mission?

Offer an alternative, all-inclusive art viewing experience to everyone in the community regardless of socio-economic status. My goal is to not just have my work in the garden but for it to be of the garden.

Placing sculpture in public gardens is an opportunity to decentralize public sculpture. Much of the accredited public sculptures are in sculpture parks or commissioned as part of large building projects. Community gardens are an excellent opportunity to integrate sculpture park quality art work into all of our New York City neighborhoods, in a very public way.

The Result?

Metropolis Arts Public Project Space (M.A.P.P.S), a community garden sculpture tour. Locations are specifically earmarked/identified based on proximity, so the public can navigate from one piece to the next for a full art viewing experience.

I plan for my sculptures to strengthen the cultural significance of these urban green spaces. Also, showcasing these gardens champions the pioneering work of our many urban farming environmentalists.