Artist Statement

Musa Hixson’s multidisciplinary art explores the correlations existing between repetitive codes of information uncovered in scientific research and the various structural patterns, which occur in our everyday environment. The artist’s process-oriented practice skillfully incorporates the complexities of painting, wrapping, automatic writing, cutting, scoring, tying, weaving, and nailing. Combining various materials with existing found objects; his multifarious art reflects assemblage, sculpture and large-scale immersive installations. Recurring motifs in his practice are the elliptical forms and spheres often repeated organically in nature. The artist attributes his interest in these forms to their structural sustainability and therefore prevalence in the universe. Hixson’s art implies a lyrical collision of these binary worlds, resulting in visual interpretations embodying such formal elements of composition as; surface, depth, mark making and balance. Anthropological trends in human behavior are another core concern in the artist’s oeuvre. Evidenced by a subtle reference to symbolic, materials, imagery and objects interwoven.